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We are enhancing the quality of our customers’ lives and creating a better world in our future-oriented, innovative, and customer-centered approach.

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KORINDO builds forest in a professional and responsible manner through the principles of management of natural forest and plantation forest in a sustainable way from its production, environment, and social aspects, that are reached through:

  1. Building and managing natural forest stand and plantation forest in order to reach high potential increment, in an integrated, sustainable, and environmental friendly manner
  2. Guaranteeing the sustainability of the fulfillment of industrial raw material based on principles of sustainable and certified forest management
  3. Increasing the company’s role and contribution toward the community around the forest
  4. Strengthening implementation rules to realize law adherence and the applied regulations.

Palm oil, one of nature’s best gifts

Indonesia is the world’s largest palm oil producing nation. In addition to its use as cooking oil and an ingredient in many dairy products, palm oil can be converted into bio-diesel, a form of renewable energy. KORINDO carries out its palm oil production in the provinces of Papua and Maluku, both of which provide optimal conditions for the cultivation of oil palms. The Oil Palm Plantation Division is continuously building on its worth by implementing efficient management practices and procedures.

Actively contributing in establishing Indonesia as the second-largest rubber producer in the world

The crude rubber plantation industry is one of Indonesia’s prides for its environmentally friendly nature and the dramatic rise of demand from India. By selecting clones that have been well-adapted to Indonesia’s environment, we will expand our plantation area to 27,000 ha, drawing a large labor force from Buru Island and enlisting the support of the local government. We also plan to build processing facilities.

Paper & Forest Products

An Eco-friendly paper manufacturer that produces FSC certified paper

Newsprint, Printing, Writing Paper, Industrial Paper and Tissue

KORINDO’s Paper Division is one of the largest newsprint manufacturers in Southeast Asia. We have one paper mill located in Cileungsi, West Java, PT. Aspex Kumbong that is equipped with DIP(Deinked Pulp) and Paper machines with a total capacity of 330,000 MT per year. The division achieved Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification and was awarded the UNEP (UN) Award from the UN as an eco-friendly manufacturer that uses recovered paper(old newspaper, old corrugated cardboard) as its raw material. The division is a partner with a number of distinguished media companies, such as Kompas, Media Indonesia which is the largest newspaper company. The division supplies papers to companies that manufacture various tabloids, magazines, textbooks, and corrugated cardboards.

In complying with Indonesian regulations, KORINDO has a commitment to minimize environmental impact in our mill operation. For such reasons, we are always observing water standard the local government (max BOD5 75 and COD 160), we do not use chlorine chemical for bleaching, and water usage is under the amount allowed by the local government.


Taking pride as one of the best plywood manufacturers in the world

Wood Engineering Division, the KORINDO Group’s first enterprise, is a powerful plywood manufacturing enterprise in Indonesia that exports plywood to the Middle East, Japan, Europe and other countries for over 40 years since 1980. It produces 400,000 m³ of plywood on an annual basis from 2 plywood mills and 3 veneer mills at three locations in Balikpapan, Pangkalan Bun, and Asiki, respectively, PT. Balikpapan Forest Industries, PT. Korindo Aria Bima Sari and PT. Korindo Abadi. Our plywood brand, KORINPLEX, has won recognition for its outstanding quality from construction companies and buyers in the Middle East. And KORINDO is leading UCP market as the only UCP manufacturer of Indonesia based on KORINCOAT, SUPERCOAT, and SMARTCOAT brand in Japan.

Film-Faced Plywood (FFP), Urethane Coated Plywood (UCP), Container Flooring Plywood (CFP), Floor Bases (FB), Ordinary Plywood (OP)

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, JAS, CE, COC, SVLK

Wood Chip, Wood Pellet, Sawn Timber / Moulding

Maximizing earnings by optimal utilization of harvested trees

The industrial wood processing complex produces wood chips, wood pellets, and sawn timber. These investments, which include eco-friendly biomass, have become new growth engines for KORINDO Group.

Construction & Heavy Industry

Creating clean energy with wind

Our wind tower enterprise is an eco-friendly, renewable energy business that is supported by more than 40 years of production experience, cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. Our wind tower plant, which obtained ISO 9001 certification after passing strict international quality and conformity tests, produces superior quality goods while always meeting its deadlines. As the largest operation of its kind in Southeast Asia, the plant can deliver “one-stop services” anywhere in the world. It is located only a kilometer away from the Ciwandan Port, allowing exports to be conducted simply and easily.

Certification ISO 14001:2000/ISO 9001:2000, ASME “U” “S” “PP”

Proudly leading Indonesia’s industrial facilities

The Industrial Plant Division, a key player in the areas of chemical engineering, power generation, and the environment, has always been a significant leader in the construction of heavy industries in Indonesia. We provide high-quality services, use advanced technologies, and support continuous technology development for improving customer satisfaction. In addition, we are fostering positive partnerships built on trust with on-time delivery, low costs, and high quality.

Certification ISO 14001 (2004), ISO 9001 (2008), ASME “U” “S” “PP” (2011)

Producing specialized vehicles that meet the diverse needs of our customers

The Special Vehicle Division has become an industry leader by developing a variety of specialized vehicles and transportation equipment based on its excellent production facilities, advanced technologies, and differentiated services. We do our utmost for the development of our customized products, fine after-sales service, and perfect quality control.



KORINDO Group’s Shipping Division, has connected the production locations of logs, timber, and crude palm oil to our import/export base of KORINDO Group. We, at shipping division, have built more competitive Indonesian domestic lines based on these abundant experience and know-how. We will proceed to develop ocean-going services, cross trading services, and expand the carrying service for KORINDO Group’s main export goods, so that KORINDO Group may complete its 2nd take-off with increased power.


With advanced transportation equipment and various networks in major locations all over Indonesia, KORINDO’s transport business provides the best service to the customers both in the private sector and in the transport of general and heavy cargo, right from the production site to the port. It is our personal goal to transport the customers’ cargo quickly and safely with competitive prices.

Distribution Center

KORINDO provides comprehensive distribution services across land, sea, and sky

KORINDO’s Distribution Center provides customers with advanced-level services through its integrated distribution solutions by securing regional bases and integrated software to achieve the most effective results. Since its establishment in early 1990, the division has grown into a leading player in logistics that is increasingly recognized in the global market for its expertise in handling inland transportation, import and export containers, and project cargo services.

Financial Services


KORINDO is developing the capital market and creating prosperity in Indonesia

The company quickly became one of the most respectable security companies in Indonesia. Our security division takes pride in its core value of partnering with you for your financial future and dedicates all its energy on foreign and domestic capital market.

Multi Finance

The first Korean-Indonesian multi-finance company with successful localization

We are a multi-finance company offering a wider range of finance services including leasing, factoring, and consumer finance. As the dominant market leader, our multi-finance division is making great strides to improve the quality of its service and customer satisfaction by investing in IT infrastructure and human resources.


We guarantee business stability against various risks

Our general insurance company started in 1998. It is committed to ensuring stability and continuity in the management of companies and organizations. It provides clients with insurance coverage against a wide variety of property and liability risks, including natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods.

Real Estate

Developing creative new paradigms for living spaces

KORINDO’s Real Estate Management Division creates practical yet comfortable living and working spaces in a pleasant natural setting. These facilities include tranquil residential units that promote well-being, as well as offices with easy access to highways.