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We at KORINDO Group, a leader across multiple industries in the South East Asian market, have a lot to be proud of. Over our 50 years of operation, we’ve built up our business by making a significant contribution to the country’s economic development while constantly upholding environmentally friendly, future-oriented practices.

At A Glance

KORINDO is an Indonesian company established in 1969 and has been operating for 50 years.

In its beginning phase, our company mainly focused on hardwood development, but moved on to plywood/veneer in 1979, newsprint papers in 1984, timber plantations in 1993, and finally the palm oil plantation in 1995.


This progression coincides with the Indonesian government’s policies concerning hardwood exportation bans and secondary processing industry fostering in 1983. KORINDO has been acknowledged for its proper forest resource development and fostering related processing industries thus contributing to Indonesia’s macro/micro economic developments. KORINDO was also acknowledged for successfully supplying domestic newsprint papers as well as answering properly to the government’s call to reform the newspaper industry, which was 100% reliant on imported newsprint papers.

This tendency of the company and its executives, pertaining largely to the corporate social responsibility, has led to constructing a collective wood processing complex in Central Kalimantan in 2013. In 2016, the company has also made a cohesive effort to support an experimental rice plantation in the vicinity of Merauke to further contribute towards Indonesia’s self-sufficiency in food.

Through the endeavors of forest plantation and palm oil plantation, KORINDO has successfully developed an environment-friendly industry where economic value is derived directly from the forest and forest resources.

KORINDO has committed to develop its business in disadvantaged regions of Indonesia through road construction, residential development, and major development in the main infrastructure, which is required for regional development.

KORINDO has employed approximately 10,000 workers in Asiki, the major business district in Papua, and built an education center to develop the skills of the locals and create job opportunities.

The sum of local taxes paid by KORINDO in the Merauke Regency and Boven Digoel Regency equate to 30% and 50% of their local taxes, respectively. The company has also set up the first medical facility in the Asiki region, and has been providing diagnoses and medicines completely free of charge ever since. The company is currently establishing a general hospital, which will provide a higher level of health care services to about 20,000 people, in cooperation with Korea International Cooperation Agency.

A pioneer company in preserving the environment

KORINDO encourages the local communities to make their own livelihoods through CSR activities and strives to create an independent environment by offering assistance such as rubber plantation and poultry farm management training.

KORINDO, a pioneer company in preserving the environment, conducts river cleaning on “National River Day” and tree planting on “National Environment Day,” and invites employees and the local communities to participate in it.


Global Network

KORINDO’s global network of businesses is spreading throughout Indonesia and the world.


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Our History

Overcoming a lot of challenges during the last 50 years, KORINDO has become one of the highest-ranking companies in the nation.

Developed wood planks

Established a plywood company

Manufactured recycled paper

Started a plantation business

Began a palm oil business

Began oil palm tree planting

Built an integrated timber industry

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We are enhancing the quality of our customers’ lives and creating a better world in our future-oriented, innovative, and customer-centered approach.

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