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Working At KORINDO

At KORINDO, we believe that success is reached due to its employees’ abilities and high competence. Through our principles and diversity, we shape our working culture for talents to grow. KORINDO’s trust in the integrity of its employees in their works is proven by appointing 70% of all its employees as permanent employees by the end of  2017. Moreover, there are at least 20% of all employees are women. This is because of KORINDO that always wants to encourage the improvement and participation of women. If you’re looking for an opportunity to start or progress your professional career, KORINDO can help you develop your own success ladder as you work with the brands and people that drive a sustainable business growth.


  • Korindo is an international group of companies with multi-business in wide variety of products.
  • The management is led by professional managers who are nationals from many countries.
  • Having its headquarter in Indonesia, it has heavy industry production plants in Spain, France, Germany and many industrial plants in Indonesia ranging from wood chip, palm oil, newspaper to special-purpose vehicles and wind towers.
  • Most of its products are exported to many countries worldwide with the support of sales offices in five major buyer countries in Seoul, Tokyo, Hongkong, Los Angeles and Jeddah.
  • Korindo has been proven of its constant and sustainable growth for over than 47 years in the global business and is committed to constantly innovating its management structures and processes to continue its role as a truly global enterprise.
  • Korindo keeps promoting the development of social infrastructures as well as its people and environment in Indonesia through its people development programs and social responsibility activities to emphasize it’s role as an environmentally friendly company.