WARTA KOTA, PALMERAH – Social, environment, and economic managements are the main principles of sustainable development which is very much needed to anticipate negative impacts on biodiversity, environmental services, community’s social culture, and climate change that is certainly for the benefit of generations of people, today and in the future.

Boven Digoel needs development, yet the development has to change from the business as usual (BAU) way of doing things in the past. Boven Digoel’s nature’s condition with more than 80% of sustainable landscape of forest, rivers, swamp, and mountains while being inhabited by traditional communities who are very dependent on the landscape, causes the need for the development to be implemented with precautionary principle.

PT Tunas Sawa Erma (KORINDO Group) as one of the investors of oil palm plantations in Boven Digoel has committed to implement Sustainable Landscape Planning and Management. In implementing this landscape planning and management, all parties (the government, community, and NGOs) must get involved, respect the decisions, opinions, and agreements, be open, give and receive information, focus on the landscape (not just the concession area) to be the social and environmental carrying capacity and apply precautionary principle in the management of these landscapes.

USAID through LESTARI Program is committed to invite many stakeholders (government, private sectors, community, NGOs) to think together in planning the management of sustainable landscape particularly in Boven Digoel regency and in Papua Province in general.

The multi-party meting discussed the implementation of  sustainable planning and management in PT Tunas Sawa Erma in Boven Digoel, and was held on February 28th – March 1st 2018 as one of the discussions between the parties (government, private sectors, community, and NGOs) in achieving sustainable landscape management in Boven Digoel, Papua, that prioritizes principles of social, environment, and economic management with the spirit of Boven Digoel.

In his statement, the Regent of Boven Digoel, represented by Boven Digoel Vice Regent, H. Chairul Anwar, ST. stated that the approach of sustainable landscape management becomes the pre-condition of the development in Boven Digoel.

“The precautionary principle needs to be a concern of all parties, especially the investors, community, and the government, so the existing important values in society can be maintained and people can pay attention to the biodiversity and environment. Therefore, the economy can grow.”


Source : wartakota.tribunnews

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