PAPUA – KORINDO Group continues to promote empowerment programs for the community. Not long ago, through its Oil Palm Plantation Division in Papua, KORINDO, along with the local community utilized an empty land and turned it into a vegetable garden that gives benefits from economic side and for people’s health.

This initial activity was located in Aiwat Village, Subur District, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua Province on last Friday (20/4). According to the plan, this vegetable cultivation activity will be held every month in various locations.

The initial planting was carried out by Mr. Yi Jong Myeong, as the Senior Managing Director of KORINDO Papua. The types of vegetables that are often used for planting are corn, kale, chili peppers, and other plants that can be beneficial for the community. The land used for the vegetable cultivation is an area of 10m x 10m and will be handed over and developed by the community themselves.

The vegetable cultivation activity is meant to stimulate and motivate people so they would want to strive by utilizing lands such as house yards and other community-owned lands. “We hope the people will want to cultivate their own lands,” said Robi Sinai as the Public Relations Assistant Manager and Social Service Coordinator of Plants Cultivation.

Robi explained that the produce from the planting will firstly be used to meet people’s needs. If the people are already able to meet their needs, the land can be developed as well for business and bring extra income. KORINDO will also remain committed to continue to provide seedlings to the community.

One of the residents of Aiwat Village, Paulinus Kanduga admitted to feeling very happy for the seedlings aid and the assistance on plant cultivation from KORINDO. According to him, this aid is very useful because people do not yet know how to do vegetable cultivation. In addition to seedlings, KORINDO also gave farming tools to the community in the form of hoes, shovels, dodos (oil palm harvesting equipment), plant seedlings plastic bag, spray equipment.

On the same occasion, Peter Boryemu as the activity executor, revealed that the plant cultivation program will not end there. KORINDO will continue to control the development and provide assistance to the community.

The farming business is being carried out considering Indonesia’s condition as a tropical country, it is very possible for vegetables to grow throughout the year. This fact makes vegetable plants cultivation increasingly growing every day in Indonesia. In addition to the high possibility of the vegetables growing in Indonesia, vegetables also posses benefits and high economic value.

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