Asiki – Korindo Papua is back once again with its social activity to help improve the welfare of people living in border and remote areas in Indonesia. Similar to the one held in May 2019, Korindo Papua through POP-A and POP-D provided relief which is very beneficial for the people.

On 24th May 2019, PT Tunas Sawa Erma held an environmental health social service in the people housing of Camp 19 (POP-A), Asiki, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua.

The counseling, which was themed “Healthy Living Culture”, provided materials on malaria and dengue diseases delivered by the medical team from POP-A clinic. In addition, the activity was followed with environmental clean-up conducted together by the community and the company. This activity is meant to increase people’s awareness on the importance of clean-living and maintaining health.

“Through this event, we hope that the community and the company will be able to keep working together to prevent diseases,” said Mr. Kim In Wook, the director of PT TSE POP-A during the event. The counseling and environmental clean-up activity was participated by various parties, from the community, the company, and the local government board.

The community is very thankful to Korindo for holding the social service. “We feel happy and excited wth this activity and we hope people won’t get infected by diseases anymore, especially our future generations,” said one of the clan chiefs, Yustinus Gowe.

Another social activity is building a healthy home for Tenarop Clan, which was conducted by PT Berkat Cipta Abadi (BCA) POP-D on 29th May 2019. This housing has been handed over to the Tenarop Clan and was witnessed by the company management, Koramil 1711-13 and the community. The 6×8 meter sized healthy home was handed over by the Director of POP-D, Mr. Yoo Jae Kwan to the Tenarop Clan, represented by Thomas T. Tenarop.

The handover of the permanent home to the community becomes a realization of Korindo’s hope for the surrounding community to be able to live in a livable home to support welfare and health. Thomas T. Tenarop, who received the house, thanked Korindo Papua for providing relief in the form of one unit of livable house. (egi/sat/cka)

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