Korindo has been planting trees in several regions in Indonesia in the last 5 years. They did not only plant 5,000 tree seedlings, but also released hundreds of birds and fish in Cempaka Urban Forest can improve the function of urban forests as the lung of the city.

“We hope this activity can improve the function of urban forests as the lung of the city and even become the ecotourism destinations for all citizens of Jakarta,” said the CEO of Korindo Group, Mr. Robert Seung at Cempaka Urban Forest, Cilangkap, East Jakarta, on Saturday (20/5).

He invited all parties to preserve the environment and conserve biodiversity as an ecosystem needed by Jakarta as its lung.

For the effort in conserving Indonesian forests, Korindo Group received an appreciation from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and from the Governor of DKI Jakarta.

The local government of Jakarta, represented by the Assistant of Economic and Development Affairs of East Jakarta, Sofian Tahir, conveyed the gratitude of the Governor of DKI Jakarta to Korindo for its participation in preserving environment, especially in the capital city of Jakarta.

“We hope that the local government of Jakarta can make urban forests as recreation destinations. We should extent the lake and build restaurant so the visitors can get foods without leaving the location,” said Sofian, the former Head of Jatinegara District, East Jakarta.

The Director General of Watershed and Protected Forest Control of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Hilman Nugroho, who represented the Minister of Environment and Forestry, said that Korindo’s action should be emulated by other companies in Indonesia.

If Korindo can plant 10 hectares in 1 year, then it will cover 100 hectares in 10 years. “It is worth the appreciation. The government appreciates their efforts. I hope there will be many other Korindo,” said Hilman.

In the tree planting activity, Korindo involved 922 students from several Junior High Schools, among others, SMPN 196, SMPN 230, MTsN 22, SMPN 147, SMPN 283 and SMPN 9. The tree planting activity was done simultaneously in 3 locations of Green Open Spaces. (YR)

Source: http://perkebunannews.com/

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